Iced Coffee Media is Andrew Lipson… and Andrew Lipson is Iced Coffee Media.
We are one and the same.  When I was laid off from one of my many jobs, I decided to be my own boss and start a consulting practice.  I asked my family what I should call it and after the obligatory “name if after me” from my daughters, they came back with a great answer: “name it after something you REALLY like… Iced Coffee.”
Seeing as I drink about a gallon of iced coffee a day, it’s not something I could argue.

This blog is not about my work at my current employer, Medialink, although I may refer to it from time to time. This blog is about reflecting back on all I have learned throughout all the experiences listed below and as a husband and father; things that I think can help people who read this. It’s not about me, it’s about you. I will shamelessly promote people who I think deserve shameless promotion, but are too humble to do it themselves. I will try to connect as many of you as possible with each other because if I know, like and respect you, I firmly believe others will too. If I have learned lessons the hard way, I hope to share them with you so you don’t have to. I hope I succeed. And I hope you tell me when I do and when I don’t. It’s the only way I’ll learn how to do it better.

So, after a long and varied history working as a:

Production Assistant, Production Coordinator, Producer, and Assistant Director for feature films, commercials and music videos

Production Coordinator and Production Manager in TV for MTV, VH1 and, much later, Fuse (sense a love of music yet?)

HDTV production for Rebo Studio way back in ’93 (where a newfound appreciation and fascination with technology was born)

Director of Production/ Executive Producer for Viacom New Media creating Video Games

Operations Manager for Computer Associates creating consumer AntiVirus software

Director of Production, New Media and Technology Services for Scholastic (that was a mouthful) making Educational and Edutainment software and creating, then managing,a QA department and Technical Support service for Scholastic software products (both phone and onsite support)

Manager, Electronic Communications for Cablevision corporate working on creating and maintaining websites

Production Manager for Fuse where I again indulged my love of music and introduced live music performances to their studio shows.  This also introduced me to the world of interactive TV and mobile distribution, two very cool things that I still find fascinating.

Then, an epiphany:

Pulver.com – a multi-dimensional entity run by Jeff Pulver, a visionary who opened my eyes to the world of social media, streaming media, and a host of amazing, interesting people who have influenced my thoughts and work in so many ways.

When Pulvermedia closed, I was inspired to start Image First Productions, a production company specializing in live multi-camera live event streaming.

And now:

Medialink, a division of The Newsmarket, where I am Vice President, Operations. I currently manage video productions (live and taped for broadcast and online), monitoring/reporting, and all content distribution including on www.thenewsmarket.com